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Common hotel myths debunked

Are we allowed to ‘steal’ shampoo bottles? Just how safe are our rooms? Traveltalk chats to Quincy Melbourne general manager Christian Price to bust or prove hotel myths.



So are we allowed to take home the little bottles of shampoo?

Absolutely. Whatever in the room like our Kevin.Murphy toothpaste and sewing kit is yours to use and keep. You won’t find little bottles of shampoo at Quincy Melbourne though, as we’re protecting the environment with our beautiful Kevin.Murphy shampoos and conditioners delivered via dispenser.  


Are we expected to tip?

Tipping is not expected but is always welcomed.


Can just any hotel staff member enter our rooms?

No. Only housekeeping will enter your room if you decide to get it refreshed, And, in the case of an emergency or where you need assistance, the manager on duty will help where they can.


Does hotel staff get to stay at the hotel?

They sure do! How’s this for a work perk? TFE Hotels has a great travel program that allows our hotel teams from across the network to enjoy all our amazing brands. I’ve used it myself on many an occasion to experience other brands and other cities.


Can the concierge get you just about anything you need?

At Quincy Melbourne, we’re always up for a challenge and we haven’t met a request that we can’t handle… yet!


When is room service at its busiest? And what is the most ordered dish?

As you’d expect late night and early morning are busiest, with substantial items such as club sandwiches and bacon eggs taking the top spots. At Quincy Melbourne, we have a wonderful South-East Asian spin on our room service with our Tiffin menu.


What do you wish more guests knew about the behind the scenes of a hotel?

I’d love our guests to know that it takes an army behind the scenes to keep the hotel running and looking as good and clean as it does, and even more so in this pandemic environment where cleaning and disinfecting has been elevated.


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Published: 25 February 2022

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