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Forget cash, QT’s Curious Currencies are a weirder way to pay

Just what are you willing to part with for a stay at QT Hotels & Resorts?


That’s the question on the lips of QT’s Director of Chaos Isla Watson. 


As the world’s economy weakens, for once, cash isn’t king as QT Hotels introduces Curious Currencies, “a stranger way to pay”. 


The hotel group, renowned for its penchant for the weird and wonderful, will be giving away one year's worth of free stays in exchange for unusual items of personal — and questionable — value. Prized possessions with quizzical backstories, serious sentimentality or surprising tales, could win those that enter up to one week's complimentary stay at a QT of their choosing.



Holding onto a terrible poem written by an ex-love or maybe you caught a bra meant for some now-geriatric rocker? If the curious currency has value to its owner, it's a perfectly reasonable form of payment. Rest assured, nothing is too strange.


If a curiosity successfully manages to impress or amuse QT's Director of Chaos, it may be exchanged for a complimentary stay at QT Hotels across Australia (Sydney, Bondi, Newcastle, Canberra, Melbourne, Gold Coast or Perth) or New Zealand (Auckland, Wellington or Queenstown). Participants need to be ready to part with their possession, as winning items, including priceless family heirlooms, will not be returned.



The strangest of collected curiosities will be made into two lavishly unique lamps, by renowned New Zealand designer Destroy All Monsters, aptly named the 'Lamps of Chaos'. These rare artworks will be displayed at QT Sydney and QT Auckland before being auctioned for charity, with all proceeds going to the Australian Cultural Fund and New Zealand Arts Foundation to further support curiosity within the arts.


For those who dare to enter:

  • Head to to discover a stranger way to pay.
  • Submit a “curiosity” along with a 50-word blurb and an image for a chance to win.
  • The competition runs from 29 September until 31 October 2022.


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Published: 12 October 2022

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