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FRESH FACES: StayWell Holdings’ Trent Pigram

A finalist in the ‘Rising Star’ category of the 2020 Australasia Hotel Management Awards, Trent Pigram recently joined the team at StayWell Holdings as its global marketing manager.


Here, we chat to Trent about his first job, the pandemic and everything in between. 



What was your first ever job and what lessons did you take from it?

My first job was at my local Woolworths while still at school. The checkout and deli were my areas of adventure. The first lesson I learnt from Woolworths was that communication is key, whether it be within your own team or with customers. Creating rapport with people you deal with builds harmonious relationships and a sense of trust, which is essential in communications and commercial image building. Another lesson was understanding the importance of teamwork and collaboration.


What’s the first thing you do when you start a new position?

First thing, get a coffee on the way.. 

I then seek to learn and understand the current business goals, objectives, forecast and also the projects or responsibilities that I manage. This allows me to prioritise my day-to-day duties and align my own KPI’s with what the business focuses are.


What has the pandemic taught you about yourself and the hospitality industry?

The pandemic has taught me that adaptability in your job and personal life is so key. I’ve learnt that sometimes taking a step back, slowing down and focusing on the things that really matter can positively impact our mental health. In regards to the hospitality industry, the pandemic has taught me how important tourism and hospitality is to Australia’s economy and the importance of our normal day-to-day interactions and feeling positive.


What do you miss most about travelling?

I miss exploring. I miss discovering new locations or cities and having that goal or vision that in a couple of months I’ll be in another state, country, or across the globe. Having this mindset gives a goal to work towards, or exciting new adventures to look forward to.


Where are you most looking forward to travel once borders open?

Hamilton Island.


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Published: 18 August 2021

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