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From an unbreakable door lock to a convert-a-hanger, here are the hotel fixes you need now

Some things mildy irritate me when I'm staying in a hotel. Other things drive me nuts.


Among the latter are expensive internet, key cards that don’t work because they’ve been in contact with your mobile; those stupid coat hangers that can’t be removed; freezing rooms; noisy fridges; and the suspicion I get from staff when I tell them I don’t need my room cleaned every day.




As we move towards a time when our smartphones will be able to get us into our rooms and change the channels on our TVs, a lot of my pet peeves will likely disappear – or morph into new ones.




But news of two new gadgets for the frequent hotel guest, has got me excited (probably because I’m a nerd).


The first is The EasyLock, a door lock which claims to guarantee hotel room security.


In my travels, I’ve been locked in my room because the chain lock was rusty and stuck, I’ve had doors that simply couldn’t close, and ones that unlocked when anyone walked past with their key cards out.


The EasyLock, supposedly lighter than an iPhone, is basically a steel latch and lock plate that can be affixed to any door that opens inwards.


A unique operation of The EasyLock is the ability to partially open the door to see who is outside whilst retaining the security of the lock.


According to the inventor, Bob Fitzjohn, you often don’t want just anyone walking into your room – even staff, so The EasyLock is a good way of keeping people out when you simply don’t want them in there.


The first production run of The EasyLock is scheduled to be received by 31 October.



The next gadget is for anyone who hates those coat hangers, that while ‘steal-proof’, are simply annoying. If, like me, you sometimes need to hang things in the bathroom or near a window, you’re often stuck throwing clothes over rusty or unclean shower rails because of those hotel hangers.


I know that replacing stolen hangers can add up to a bit of money, but you’ve already got my credit card details so charge me if I deign to steal a crusty old hanger that I could buy from Woolies.


Enter the ConvertAHanger. The ConvertAHanger is basically just a simple plastic adapter that turns those hookless hangers into a normal hanger to be used with as you see fit.


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Written by: Gaya Avery
Published: 22 September 2014

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