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Hotel hacks that will change the way you travel

It all started when user Rick Klau posted a hotel hack he’d seen on Twitter years ago that “has  improved every night I’ve spent in a hotel since”. The ingenious move will almost guarantee stoping that pesky foreign sun from breaking into your much needed sleep. All you have to do is use the clips on the hotel hangers to secure shut the curtains.



Alan Cruikshank responded with his tip to block annoying blinking lights by always carrying a roll of electric tape. Another user goes further and unplugs alarm clocks (who wants the previous guest’s alarm setting ruining their sleep) and other unnecessary appliances.


Left your phone charger at home? Think of how many folk have left theirs behind at the hotel, posted Rabbit. A quick visit to Reception is likely to yield “a whole box full”!


While some rooms come complete with humidifiers, most don’t, so Aaron B creates his own by placing a wet (but not dripping towel) over an ironing board placed in front of the air conditioning vent. Voila! A homemade humidifier!


And that ironing board also serves as a great adjustable height desk says Alistair Croll. Perfect to fit those sometimes too high or low hotel chairs.


For those of us who bring our own drinks to hotels only to find there’s no room in the fridge to keep them cool, Johnny Wizard suggests using the laundry bag to pick up a tonne of ice from the ice machine, putting the ice in the hand basin and popping your drinks in there. 


Where should you get your drinks? The gym, posted Nate Williams, is home to many a free water bottle.


We all know now that the remote control is a home to a whole lot of germs, but not everyone comes prepared with the goods to clean it, so Chip Brown suggested using the provided shower cap to simply cover it up.


As useful as some of the above tips are, not all hacks are created equal. One person created a makeshift toothbrush holder by placing a toothbrush through a hole in an upturned paper cup. Why you just wouldn’t turn the cup right side up and put the toothbrush in there is beyond me.


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Written by: Gaya Avery
Published: 7 October 2019

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