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HOTEL REVIEW: Hyatt Place Melbourne, Essendon Fields

There should be a rule dictating that an ‘airport hotel’ shouldn’t impress like this. It sets the bar too high for the rest of your holiday. Especially with that bathroom...


Date of stay: 5 October 2018

Room: 508

Number of rooms: 166

Check-in: 3PM Check out: Noon

WiFi: Free

Shuttle to/from airport: Free, scheduled


No sleep. A meal of random what-has-to-be-eaten ingredients, a restless night and then a panicked rush to get to the airport. This is what would have happened had we NOT stayed at the Hyatt Place Melbourne, Essendon Fields. 



Instead, the day before our flight, we leisurely arrive at Australia’s first Hyatt Place, have a wonderfully tasty dinner before we drift off to sleep knowing someone else would take care of waking us up and calling our cab. 


This is why a stay at this hotel cured me of my flying phobia - or rather my I-don’t-want-to-miss-my-flight phobia. I was distracted, lured into thinking the holiday started a day earlier than it did.


While some may not consider the Hyatt Place technically a Tullamarine airport hotel, being only ten minutes cab drive to the airport (and less at 2am), it is certainly a contender. When you consider that there’s a free airport shuttle (of which - as we had to check out at 2am - we could not make use) and an experienced staff who are old hands at dealing with the airport bound, you realise it actually is an airport hotel - just in a better location than the airport. 



And it’s new. Opened in June of last year, the place looks and feels fresh and modern both in common areas and in its fabulous rooms. 


A Hyatt Place property is one that understands the needs of the modern traveller. Lifts are super fast, staff are experienced and the layout and design means you’re not trying to work while sitting next to the only available power point which just happens to be behind the mini-bar. The design is considerate, the execution is flawless.



For me, our holiday started at Mr McCracken bar and restaurant. When you want to get to bed early and are dining with a 3 year old, you don’t want to wait around for your food. And Mr McCracken staff understand this.


But speed of service does not rob from either the quality of the food (those truffle polenta fries have officially made my last-meal-before-execution list) or the atmosphere of the place. 


Mr McCracken is clearly the place to be on a Friday night. It is buzzing with families celebrating, hens plotting and all this to the soundtrack of some fab live music. Once we taste the food we understand why all the tables around ours are reserved for large groups, choosing Mr McCracken to celebrate milestones. But the only excuse I need to come back is the mandarin curd tart. And maybe that bathtub.



For more information about the Hyatt Place Melbourne, Essendon Fields, click here.


Written by: Gaya Avery
Published: 8 October 2018

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