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HOTEL REVIEW: The Ritz-Carlton, Tokyo

An elephant, a B747 and the (somewhat brief) consideration of a life of crime: take a look inside GAYA AVERY’s two night stay at The Ritz-Carlton, Tokyo.


Five blind men came across an elephant (it was ancient India so that kind of thing happened). Each, having felt a different part of the creature, insisted that an elephant was either like a snake (from the touch of its trunk), a tree (its leg) and so on. None could agree. 


The Ritz-Carlton, Tokyo is an elephant.


Inimitable views aside, the exceptional service and amenities from the hotel overall and particularly from the Club Lounge impressed Mark, who insisted the hotel was perfect for the business traveller; three-year-old Mandy, having been given her own slippers, robe and pyjamas, and thoroughly spoiled by staff, thought the hotel a very fancy playground; and I, marvelling at THAT view from my top floor room or relaxing in the bath of a massive bathroom thought the place a luxurious escape that both showcased the immensity of Tokyo while providing a reprieve from it. 



We were all right.


Because, once you look beyond the fact that it is the very epitome of luxury, you realise that The Ritz-Carlton, Tokyo manages to achieve the impossible: it pleases all of the people all of the time.



The hotel is housed in the tallest building in Tokyo, and the view from Tokyo Tower to Mount Fuji is so spectacular one can’t help just staring out. I lost much of my first night in this manner, sitting on the sofa in my room covered in a gorgeously soft bed throw. That Mongolian cashmere GOBI bed throw - worth about JPY60,000 (AUD770) for a twin and JPY 62,000 (AUD796) for a king - ALMOST made it into my suitcase and so would begin a life of crime heretofore unexpected by this relatively law-abiding citizen.



Of course once in for a penny, I might as well have also stolen the Wedgwood crockery, Ritz-Carlton’s Asprey Purple Water amenities in their generous sized bottles, and (if I could have prised them from the walls) the decorative embroidered panels.


Now while I know they simply would have charged my card, if it really is the thought that counts, then I would happily be a criminal - and if you had to live the rest of your life from just one room, you could do much worse than a Club Deluxe room at The Ritz-Carlton, Tokyo.




The Ritz Carlton, Tokyo is special. It’s Club is more so. 


“It’s like flying Business in a B747,” Mark says over the best club breakfast either of us have ever had. “It’s a hotel within a hotel.”



We rarely breakfast in a hotel’s club, having found the normal breakfast has more variety. Not so here. At The Ritz Carlton, Tokyo, the Club breakfast is almost as amazing as its view (Mark says he had the best waffle he’s ever had here and I was obsessed with their tofu cream cheese).



But there are no airs here. Here, exclusivity and a hearty welcome are happy bedfellows and those of us lucky enough to stay, know that when we return (and return we will), it will be to old friends.



Date of check-in: 15 October 2018 

Room: 5325 (Club Deluxe, Club Level, Top floor)

Number of rooms: 247



Aim to breakfast in the corner of The Lounge’s Library for stunning views.



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Written by: Gaya Avery
Published: 26 March 2019

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