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How to Choose the Right Hotel with a Child

Today, you can do everything online. You can play in casinos such as online, study via the internet and book almost anything. But sometimes it's hard to find the right hotel if you're travelling with kids. For family holidays, the following criteria are the most essential: 



Transport Accessibility

After a long flight, it's not a pleasant prospect to spend several hours in a bus or on a train carrying an infant. That's why you should choose hotels which are easily accessible by public transportation or private vehicle.



Avoid hotels near noisy places like busy roads, and bars and clubs. Instead, choose a quiet place that's better for a relaxed family vacation.

Also, when choosing a child-friendly destination it's important to consider the overall terrain. A resort may say it's just 100 metres from the beach, but there could be hills or rocky paths that might make it difficult for a parent and child to access.



Beware of two-story rooms with steep staircases, especially if you have multiple, mobile children.

Check in advance what an extra bed for a child will actually be, and under what conditions it is provided. You may be offered a sofa, a crib, a daybed, or a cot.


Infrastructure for Children

Give preference to hotels with developed infrastructure for children.

Seek out a hotel that has its own playground, water park or mini-pool, and ideally art and crafts centre. Make sure that the playground is in a shady place and contains safe play equipment.



Hotels often include a kids menu among their list of services. But make sure you know what's included in this menu beforehand, as dishes sometimes won't meet your requirements.

In some hotels, you can even order a personalised menu for a child, either free of charge or for an extra fee. 

Additionally, ask about the availability of healthy options as many hotels will only offer fast food like french fries, pizza and soft drinks.



Find out if the beach has sun beds, awnings, or umbrellas, and whether you have to pay for them.

Also, ask if there are jellyfish, sea urchin, coral or other hazards in the water. 

Another thing to consider is the quality of the sand and tides, which should be as gentle as possible.


Cribs, Strollers, and Other Accessories

When booking a hotel, ask about the possibility of renting a cot and read the detailed descriptions of these accessories. Cribs can be offered both for free and for an additional fee. 

Also, you may only need a stroller if you plan to take your baby out and about. And consider the terrain you may have to navigate if you do so. Ideally, you should never have to make your way up or down steps.


Medical Assistance

On vacation, anything can happen. So find out if the hotel or resort has a medical centre and doctor. If it doesn't, make sure there's a clinic or hospital near the hotel.


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Published: 18 February 2021

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