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How to earn Insta-envy and alienate people: Solaire Resort & Casino REVIEW

Calling this place is a ‘room’ is like saying Federer is ‘just an okay’ tennis player, GAYA AVERY writes from Solaire’s Signature Suite. This is no ordinary room: it is huge. And we all know that despite protestations to the contrary, size does matter.

Solaire Resort’s Signature Suite is the hotel room you keep in your back pocket for conversations with - and I’m using a Dad perjorative here - swankers. Swankers are a boastful breed of Insta-hungry braggarts often disguised as wannabe celebrities or travel writers. While usually best avoided, if you’ve been lucky enough to stay in the Signature Suite at Solaire Resort & Casino, you can beat them at their own game because chances are the Signature Suite will be bigger, it will be more luxurious and it will have the better view. 




DO NOT, under any circumstances, teach your three year old how to play hide and seek in a room this big. You will lose her. And if she’s new to the game (and particularly stubborn), she will not reveal herself no matter how much you cajole/bribe. So you’re left scouring the 158 square metres of the room. We each take a bathroom (bigger than some of the hotel rooms in which we’ve stayed), then Mark checks the private bar while I go through the walk-in wardrobe (bigger than our bathroom back home). We start to panic when the dining area and hall are empty. It is only when we see a curtain move that we find her sitting on the sill of one of the floor to ceiling windows looking out at Manila Bay, with the game quite forgotten.



She does, however, take to hiding other things. While we eventually find our wallets (behind the sofa table) and phones (in the jewellery box in the safe), we never did find our goggles...



Sunset over Manila Bay draws visitors and locals alike to the shoreline along the famed (and very nearby) Mall of Asia, but we get our own personal view from our bedroom or from the dining table. The view at any time of day is stunning, but at sunset...the light, oh the light.



With seemingly nothing between you and the sea (forget the convenience of proximity to the airport and the Mall of Asia, to which there is a free shuttle from the resort) it feels like you’re on your own island, and if the Signature Suite were to float away, you’d be totally fine (especially if staff still dropped by at turn down with those amazing sweets!).




Our stay at the Solaire is sandwiched between two flights and so at least on one of the mornings we are pushed for time. But we make time for breakfast. The highlights are the traditional Filipino offerings, with special mention going to the ensaymada. But the homemade mango yoghurt is the most memorable for mine. My daughter also had her first ever pistachio cronut here and was suitably impressed.



Yes, there is a casino onsite, but the Sky Tower, where our room is located, is very much separate to this. And a casino usually means some great shopping, entertainment and top luxury and cheap eats. 



Traveltalk was a guest of Solaire Resort & Casino. Solaire Resort & Casino, is an integrated destination resort on an 8.3-hectare site in Manila and has two distinctive towers, the Bay Tower and the Sky Tower with 800 opulent rooms, suites and bay side villas. Sky Tower was last year named a Forbes Travel Guide Five-Star hotel.



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Written by: Gaya Avery
Published: 17 January 2019

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