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INSIDE SCOOP: What the concierge says

Crowne Plaza Sydney Darling Harbour hotel services manager Ewong Wang gives us the lowdown on what it’s like to work in hospitality today and shares some of her top Sydney tips.



Have you found your job has changed over the years?

My role has definitely changed over the years, alongside the improvement in information and technology. Generally, it has made our job (and even lives) so much easier! We can now order an Uber for guests at any time of day, and help plan journeys ahead of time. Another example, which has been highly accelerated by the pandemic, is that we can utilise technology to facilitate paperless check-in and check out for guests, to be more environmentally friendly and health and safety conscious.


How well do you have to know Sydney?

Being a master of Sydney supports me a lot in my role as Hotel Services Manager. The more I know about the city, the better concierge/local knowledge I can provide to my guests. From the most recent openings to the closest facilities, it's important for me to keep a finger on the pulse of the city so I can not only inform guests but do so swiftly and with ease.


Is there something in Sydney you always recommend to guests? 

I will always recommend that guests make time to visit Darling Harbour, because the area really provides a well-rounded Sydney experience to help them kick off their stay (it also helps that we are within walking distance at Crowne Plaza Sydney Darling Harbour). From endless food options, to site-seeing spots for the whole family and access to other parts of Sydney via scenic ferry ride, the area really meets all kinds of needs for guests. 


In addition, my top recommendations also include:

Sydney Harbour Tour by Helicopter, which I always highly recommended to guests visiting Sydney for the first time. The stunning views over the Sydney Harbour really present the best of this coastal city. 


Infinity at Sydney Tower. The venue is really ideal for honeymooners or those who are looking for a romantic gateway experience. We do often help the guests with making dinner reservations at Sydney Tower, frequently on weekends. 


Bronte Beach is my favourite beach in Sydney, it has an amazing ocean view as well as the coastal walk and the sheltered natural pool created by the rocks. It meets all kinds of activity needs!


How do you research and recommend places to go?

It may seem straight forward, but it is the bread and butter of my research and that is Google. I always trust Google and pay special attention to reviews. I also rely heavily on word-of-mouth, and collect guests and colleagues' recommendations and feedback as I find this kind of recommendation often goes a long way with guests.


What’s one of the more unusual requests you’ve had from a guest?

We once had to polish a guest's shoes and cut his hair due to the recent COVID lockdowns!


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Published: 8 December 2021

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