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The LA hotel that rewards middle seat flyers

Finally a reason to smile for those stuck in the middle

The middle seat is never a great place to be on a flight, but on a journey of 14 hours, it’s even less desirable.



But for those who find themselves in the unenviable position of the middle seat from Australia to Los Angeles (and that’s a lot of travellers), there’s a silver lining (besides having both armrests - really, the only positive we can find of flying between two people).


Santa Monica’s Shore Hotel has a created a new campaign in which it awards middle seat flyers arriving on any flight into LAX a free room upgrade.


Travellers who wish to take advantage of this great initiative, which is valid until 26 May and subject to availability, need only show proof of an economy class middle seat (presumably with a photo, or perhaps a boarding pass with layout), and have a pre-existing booking with the hotel. Then, the Ocean View room is theirs.



Shore Hotel general manager Gerry Peck said the campaign was all about ensuring guests have the best experience possible when touching down in LA – and really, what better way to fight off any jetlag or make a lasting first impression than with those Santa Monica beach views?


“A pleasant travel experience starts with the journey. And when that experience isn’t optimal, it can negatively affect our guest’s stay,” Mr Peck said.


“Given our beachfront location in Santa Monica, we are uniquely positioned to make our guests more comfortable upon arrival by providing them with a view that is infinitely more enjoyable than what they experienced on their flight.”


We like it a lot, but what do you think of this concept?



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Written by: Mark Harada
Published: 2 March 2017

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