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The useful hotel quarantine hack to use when COVID ends

Living through a global pandemic has taught us many things: we never need to buy sourdough bread again, teachers and nurses are truly wonderful creatures and now this...

Nat Chancellor arrived into Brisbane from overseas ready to settle in for the mandated two week hotel quarantine period. But here’s a little thing she likely didn’t expect. Dinner is served early. Like my ex-boyfriend’s Italian grandmother early. 


Unwilling to eat at 5.30pm, Chancellor set aside her dinner to eat at a more reasonable hour. But come time to eat, there was no microwave in which to heat up her now cold dinner, MailOnline reported. So she improvised. 



But Chancellor is a thinker. So she wrapped her meal in aluminium foil and popped it in an insulated bag. She zipped the bag most of the way, leaving a small segment open. She inserted a hairdryer into the opening and proceeded to successfully heat up her meal. 


Chuffed, Chancellor posted her achievement to social media, writing that while “it actually worked”, she “didn’t do it for long and turned it off a couple of times” for fear of melting the container or overcooking the food. 


Chancellor is holed up in the Rydges Southbank


This little tip could just come in handy when travel picks up.


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Written by: Gaya Avery
Published: 7 September 2020

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