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Which Aussie state has the most demanding travellers?

Are we worse than pop divas?

Australian travellers may be seen as easygoing, but that’s only half the story. Broadly speaking, while we may be friendly and casual in character, a new survey has found we’re not so laidback when it comes to our holiday demands.


Ok, so no one's as bad as Veruca Salt


For starters, nearly half (41%) of the 1,500 Australians polled in the Hostelworld study admitted to having a ‘diva’ in their group of friends, with more than half (54%) saying they would refuse to go on holiday without their ‘big sunglasses’, and a quarter (24%) refusing to stay somewhere, where there was evidence of a dirty cup in a sink. 


According to the survey, over half (58%) would refuse to stay in a different room to the one they were originally promised, while nearly three quarters (72%) would demand a private bathroom when they travel, even in a hostel.


When it comes to ‘essential’ items, six in ten (60%) Aussie women need cleanser, while three in ten men (30%) require facial and body moisturizers.


Half (52%) of all respondents apparently need hand sanitizer to travel, and nearly half (41%) require their own pillow. (If you think travelling with your own pillow is over the top, read our argument for travelling with your own.)


When it comes to the biggest ‘diva’ states or territories, perhaps surprisingly, the Northern Territory came out on top.


According to the poll, six in ten (60%) Territorians said they take a pillow with them on holiday, compared to an average four in ten (37%) in other states. Nearly all (93%) of the NT respondents consider a private bathroom a necessity when travelling, while one in four even require face masks (compared to one in seven elsewhere).


But this hardly makes us more highly strung than a pop diva like Mariah Carey, does it? Find out here.


Written by: Mark Harada
Published: 10 April 2018

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