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Will the KFC hotel come to Australia?

For a limited time, lucky Brits will be able to ‘chick-in’ to the House of Harland (as in Colonel Harland Sanders), a KFC-themed hotel that, by all reports, is expected to be finger lickin’ good. 



The package includes a transfer to the hotel via the Colonelmobile, a slick black Cadillac.


Once in the room, guests can play on the KFC Hot Winger Arcade Machine or just take in all that KFC loving. 


And if you’re worried gratuitous images of fried chicken will leave you feeling peckish, fear not, you can summon some KFC at the push of a literal button, that reads, ‘Press for Chicken’.


And because KFC is all about its 11 herbs and spices, House of Harland will be open for 11 nights  (from 18 August). Rooms are available to book exclusively on from 11am on 11th August, for just £111. 100% of all proceeds will be donated to The KFC Foundation.


But what about us? Will we get a KFC hotel anytime soon? I wouldn’t hold my breath. I’m still waiting for the veg KFC to come Down Under…


All images courtesy of and House of Harland.


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Published: 11 August 2021

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