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Woman sues Hilton for $100m for alleged shower violation

Accusing the hotel group of negligence, a US female is suing Hilton Worldwide after alleging one of its workers secretly filmed her in the shower and then tried to blackmail her with the footage.


According to USA Today, the unnamed Chicago woman claims Hilton was negligent in allowing the violator access to her personal data.



The woman told Good Morning America the violation occurred at the Hampton Inn and Suites in Albany, NY in July 2015, but she wasn’t made aware of the video until September this year, when she received an email demanding she provide more nude footage of herself or risk having the video published on an adult film site along with her name and job information. 


She also received a link to a site where the film was apparently already live.


"My initial reaction was, 'Your life is absolutely ruined, people are going to see this, they are going to see you naked and they are going to assume things,' " she told GMA.


When the woman didn’t comply with the original demand, the video was sent to some of her colleagues with a demand for US$2,000 up front and $1,000 a month for the following year.


"It was just absolutely traumatizing because these are people I went to law school with," she said. 


"They're friends, they're coworkers. And they were sent a link to what looks like an email I sent."


Hilton told USA Today it wasn’t made aware of the alleged incident until this week.


"We take the safety and well being of our guests incredibly seriously, and find the details included in the civil filing distressing,” it said in a statement.


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Written by: Gaya Avery
Published: 7 December 2018

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