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World’s first half/half hotel room unveiled

MAXIMAL OR MINIMAL: WHICH END OF THE STYLE SPECTRUM ARE YOU? has unveiled the world’s first half and half hotel suite, the ‘So Extra So Chic’ suite - a room split literally straight down the middle, where half is uber- maximalist and the other half is ultra-minimalist. Now there is a real reason to fight over which side of the bed you want.


New research from reveals that chic is oh so in, with 46% of Australian millennials familiar with the minimal aesthetic, compared with 10% who are aware of the maximal style.



Minimalism with a touch of scandi-chic continues to have true staying power, with 25% loving it for being classy, 21% for sophistication and a cool 21% consider it fresh. has paired Kaitlyn Ham, the renowned Australian ‘so chic’ minimalist fashionista, with Johnny Wujek, the ‘so extra’ style powerhouse behind the likes of Katy Perry and Mariah Carey’s iconic looks, to create this unique suite at The Curtain, London.


The ‘So Extra So Chic’ suite is available to book until 29th October exclusively on and is tucked away in one of the world’s coolest neighbourhoods, London’s Shoreditch. Check out this video to see more about the suite.


Speaking about her minimalist half of the suite, Kaitlyn Ham commented: “I took inspiration from modern mid-century design to create a space that feels open and calming. All the pieces were chosen for their style and functionality with a focus on quality. The space should feel modern and light yet have an inviting warmth that makes it feel like home.”


At the other end of the style-spectrum, millennials are digging maximalism so think clashing styles, textures, patterns, bonkers prints and colours all coming together in the one space. Millennials are more than five times as likely as their parents to want to be seen as expressive (11% vs 2%).


Commenting on the room, Johnny Wujek said: “I wanted my side of the room to feel exciting and EXTRA but also comfy and cozy. It’s a touch of overgrown Great Expectations with a dash of California casual. Style is all about self-expression and, clearly, I have a lot to express. Baby, you better stand out in this world.”


Interestingly, although the majority of Aussies prefer a minimalistic style, both maximalists and minimalists prefer to indulge in the same type of holidays. For both groups, city breaks, cruises and beach holidays were three out of the top five types of holidays that they enjoy the most – proving that it’s all about living your best life.



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Published: 30 August 2019

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