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You can now stay in a sphincter-shaped hotel

Being told to stick it up your bum is one thing, travelling to Belgium to stay in a hotel shaped liked a bum hole is, well...strange.



If you’re tired of your mates posting photos of five star resorts to social media, a stay at CasAnus, the exclusive apartment designed by Dutch artist Joep Van Lieshout to resemble part of the human digestive system (namely: the bum hole) will have you winning the internet in no time.


Despite its exterior, inside the polyester sculpture, guests can relax in the all white room which contains a double bed, a table, a shower and a toilet. CasAnus is also equipped with lighting, running water and electric heating.



One night will set you back AU$190.80 €120 for two people. Breakfast is included as is  access to the modern art museum Verbeke Foundation.


Potential guests are asked to contact info@verbekefoundation at least a week in advance of arrival.


Published: 30 January 2019

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