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Expect big things in business travel this year

Corporate travel continues its highs in 2018

Travel managers worldwide are once again expecting an increase in business travel in 2018 – this is what the data in the latest AirPlus International Travel Management Study (ITMS) shows. A positive trend that is set to continue for the second year running.



As a provider of business travel expenses settlement solutions, AirPlus International has a profound insight into the global business travel market. AirPlus also surveys more than 3000 travel managers and business travellers in 24 countries annually as part of its ITMS study. The results of this 13th study provide a comprehensive overview of current events, trends and expectations in the business travel industry.


Growth of emerging economies set to drive a further increase in business travel

Travel managers anticipate an increase in travel bookings by companies. Globally speaking, 35 percent expect an increase. An increase in the amount of business travel undertaken is expected in emerging economies in particular that boast high economic growth rates. In India 70 percent, in Brazil 55 percent and in China 54 percent of business travellers expect an increase.


Change of sentiment among travel managers in the USA and UK

American and British travel managers rate the situation differently to their colleagues in these prosperous emerging economies. The number of respondents that expect growth in travel has decreased significantly in both countries. At the same time the proportion of those in the USA and UK that expect fewer business trips has more than doubled. But travel managers in the USA and the UK also basically expect an overall business trip increase.


Hotel reviews on the Internet and virtual payment solutions are growing in popularity

AirPlus’ data not only provides an insight into expectations about business travel volumes or about costs and budgets. It also provides an insight into what drives business travellers’ emotions, e.g. the increasing use of social media, or what trends are catching on. Thus 93 percent of all travellers use hotel reviews on Internet platforms for travel planning purposes. What is also remarkable is the strong appeal of virtual payment solutions. 46 percent of virtual credit card users are so persuaded by the benefits of such cards that they rate them highly after first use and use them regularly.


You can find the study, which features more trend-related figures and diagrams, at


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Published: 13 April 2018

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