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The quiz every business traveller should take

beTravelwise breathes new life into travel safety training with fun online quiz and invites Travel Managers to test their knowledge

Travel Managers finding it tough to keep travel safety training interesting now have a brand new resource at their fingertips – an online quiz designed to test the knowledge of even the most well-travelled employee.


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The five-minute Travel Wise’ game, created by the team at beTravelwise, invites corporate travellers to test – and refresh – their travel safety knowledge by answering multiple choice questions on 10 pertinent topics: pre-travel booking; things to know before you travel; packing; arrivals; vehicles; at the hotel; health; free time; medical support; and home again.


Players work their way around the game board, which takes them th rough every stage of their trip, and for every question answered correctly they receive a Travel Wise stamp for their online passport.


The game’s pass mark is 66%, with any score lower than that indicating the employee should take part in basic travel safety training such as the Travel Wise foundation course.


“Conducting the same old travel safety training each year can be dull for all concerned and could result in disinterested employees who think that as seasoned travellers, they know best,” said Andy Prior, Director, beTravelwise.


“It’s therefore essential for Travel Managers to keep training content fresh and interesting to encourage employees to be safer and more compliant with company policies when they travel.


“The ‘Travel Wise’ game is not only quick, simple and engaging, but helps Travel Managers identify employees who need extra travel safety training. If someone doesn’t pass, they might not be fit to travel for company business.


”The beTravelwise quiz also includes links to helpful resources to help refresh the player’s memory about travelling safety.


“We invite all Travel Managers and their employees to play our game (click below and here) and test their knowledge – let us know your top score,” said Prior.


Play the game here


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Published: 31 October 2016

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