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1 in 2 Aussies will still holiday in 2020: poll

One in six even plan to head abroad

Local or otherwise, a new survey has revealed that half (49%) of Australians won’t be taking a holiday in 2020. 


The good news however is that nearly half (45%) of the Aussies polled said they would still be holidaying domestically. 



Perhaps surprisingly, one in six (16%) respondents even said they were still planning to head overseas this year, just not to a country that has struggled with coronavirus. 


But in the Global Consumer Trends Reopening report, which was conducted by data and insight platform, Dynata, three in 10 (28%) Australians admitted they would not be comfortable using airlines immediately after the lifting of restrictions, while just one in eight (13%) said they would feel completely comfortable, which means airlines still have a ways to go in rebuilding confidence in travellers. 


In other points to note for carriers, nearly half of Aussie leisure flyers said they would feel more comfortable if an airplane bathroom was cleaned between each use, while two in five (41%) business travellers said they would be more comfortable if social distancing was enforced on seating. 


The study also found that three in 10 (30%) Australians said they would only travel somewhere within driving distance (not by plane) while more than that (34%) said they wouldn’t go on a cruise again.           


Meanwhile, one in two (44%) Australians admitted they would feel fine staying in a hotel for business reasons, while one in three (34%) would be comfortable staying for leisure. 


Frustratingly for all concerned, two in three (67%) of the Aussies polled said they had intended to holiday in 2020 before the pandemic hit, with one in five (21%) having already booked. 


The Dynata study surveyed people from 11 countries including Australia about how they’re living their lives today.


Are you planning a holiday this year, or at least seeing this where you work? 


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Written by: Mark Harada
Published: 6 July 2020

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