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$150k medical, repatriation bill for Aussie tourist

Travel insurance to the rescue again

What was supposed to be a relaxing family holiday for an Adelaide grandfather recently turned into anything but, after the South Australian fell seriously ill a week into his vacation. 


Mr Karamalis was on a remote island in his native Greece when he was admitted to hospital. But his worsening condition meant that he would need to be airlifted to a facility on the Greek mainland. 


On top of the concern for Karamalis’ health, all of this meant big bills. 


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Enter his travel insurer. Before jetting off, the SA man took out a policy with TravelCard Real-Time Travel Insurance after he was referred to the company by his local insurance broker. And he was thankful he did. 


In assisting Mr Karamalis and his family, TravelCard paid for an air ambulance transfer to Athens Private Hospital and for his medical expenses, and then covered a complex evacuation for him, his wife, son, and two doctors all the way back to Australia. The total bill ended up at $150,000.  


Echoing her husband’s sentiment, Mrs Karamalis thanked TravelCard for all it had done for them.


“We could not have done this without you. It all went smoothly,” she said. 


“The TravelCard staff and all the doctors and nurses, did a wonderful job.” 


In hospital back in Adelaide, Mr Karamalis was visited by TravelCard’s head of customer contact for extra support.   


“There’s enough to worry about when a medical emergency happens, so we aim to alleviate the stress of the situation and help Aussies return home as quickly and safely as possible,” TravelCard Australia CEO Michael Tauber said.


“And with the summer holidays fast approaching, Australians will want to re-connect with family, or simply relax with a hard-earned break.” 


TravelCard also sent staff to Bali during the recent volcanic eruptions in nearby Lombok.


Written by: Mark Harada
Published: 4 September 2018

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