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3 in 10 Aussies still baulk at travel insurance

The travel insurance stats you need to know...

Taking out travel insurance may seem like a no-brainer, but a large proportion of Australian holidaymakers still question its importance, a new survey has found. 


In the 2018 SureSave Travel Insurance Index, respondents were asked if they viewed travel insurance as a necessity, and seven in ten (73%) Aussies said “they wouldn’t leave the country without it”. 



While this is an improvement from six years ago, when just 63% of those polled considered travel insurance a ‘must’, it still raises some serious questions.   


“Although it’s very clear that significant progress has been made over the past seven years in regards to successfully explaining the importance of travel insurance, it is apparent that there are still Australians who don’t have adequate travel insurance cover when they travel,” said Matt Endycott, head of agency sales at SureSave, which provides assistance and insurance in the travel agency channel.  


“It’s our job to help agents explain to their customers that all travel carries an element of risk. It’s important to be adequately covered at all times, regardless of the travel destination, duration of trip or activities. 


“We’re here to ensure that agents are kept informed on the policy options so they can confidently inform travellers. That way, if travellers have all the relevant information, they can choose the appropriate level of cover for them.” 


In the survey, which polled 1,000 respondents in Australia, 8.5% of travellers said they only purchase travel insurance “sometimes, when I visit destinations that might be risky”, while 5% admitted that they “rarely or never bother with travel insurance”. 



When it comes to a policy’s PDS, over half (51%) said they only skim read over their document and have a general idea of what they’re covered for.   


“We strongly advise that travellers thoroughly read the PDS before buying travel insurance to ensure that their policy provides them with the appropriate level of cover that meets all of their individual needs,” Mr Endycott said.  


“We also encourage everyone to keep a copy of their Certificate of Insurance with them when travelling as it contains the essentials needed when contacting our Emergency Assistance team.”  


According to the survey, more and more travellers are choosing to carry their PDS on their mobile device, with nearly one in three (27%) holidaymakers storing an electronic copy of the document. 


Would you ever travel without insurance, or recommend it to other people?


Written by: Mark Harada
Published: 9 October 2018

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