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50 shades of whoopsydaisy in Dornan’s tourism ad

Turns out Northern Ireland’s biggest tourism attraction can be found in Dornan’s pants

Jamie Dornan likes Northern Ireland. Like REALLY likes it. We have photographic evidence right here ladies. And it's almost NSFW!


Taking on a role like Fifty Shades of Grey can take its toll on a man, the darkness can seep in… as can a few other things, a few VERY INTERESTED Jamie Dornan fans discovered.


No, he wasn't filming the next instalment of Fifty Shades. Dornan was promoting tourism to Northern Ireland by playing a round of golf with fellow Northern Irish actor James Nesbitt as part of the Irish Open at the Portstewart Golf Club (which affords players gorgeous views of the sea), The Sun reported.


And when Dornan posed for a few shots, folk got a few more views than perhaps Dornan and the region’s tourism body expected - and we’re just not talking about the stunning Causeway Coastal Route in the background either. 


I get it. Golf is an awesome game and Dornan was promoting the beautiful country of his birth but is that any excuse for… oh! It was just a golf ball in his pocket? Cue laughter and simultaneous disappointment.


Perhaps it’s time Tourism Australia’s celeb friend Chris Hemsworth heads to a golf course…

Written by: Gaya Avery
Published: 10 July 2017

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