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7 travel mishaps you may not know you can claim on

To keep in mind the next time you go zorbing

When most people think of travel insurance claims, it would be fair to say they picture lost luggage, a motorcycling mishap or sudden sickness – and not the rarer incidents of cancellations due to jury duty, express wedding trip transport, and certainly not ostrich riding accidents. 


But these are just some of the more unusual incidents Aussies might be able to claim for on travel insurance, and not know about. 



To give you an idea of what you may or may not be compensated for on your next trip, travel insurer InsureandGo has outlined seven less common mishaps it covers in its policies: 


  1. Cancellation of your trip when your home is robbed, you’re made redundant at work or you are called for jury duty. 
  2. When you’re unable to leave your cruise ship cabin, because you’re sick. InsureandGo, for instance, will pay sick cruise-goers $75 for every 24 hours they spend confined to their cabin.
  3. Smaller medical claims, such as $15 medicine bills or doctors’ visits, when you remove your excess. 
  4. Extra travel expenses to avoid delays that will lead you to miss a wedding, funeral, conference and even sporting event. 
  5. When your cruise ship skips a port. In this case, InsureandGo will pay $50 to $100 for each port missed. 
  6. Cutting your trip short due to a relative or travel companion’s injury or illness.
  7. Expenses for injuries obtained while zorbing, husky sledding and ostrich riding. Other weird and wonderful activities for which you’ll be covered are mud-buggying, and camel and elephant riding.


“Most Aussies are not clear on all the expenses they can claim through their travel insurance in the case of an unexpected incident,” InsureandGo spokesperson Jonathan Etkind said. 


“It’s crucial that travellers read their Product Disclosure Statement before purchasing any policy. It will help them decide what, if any, added extras they need, and whether it’s best to purchase a basic or comprehensive policy. 


“Although these documents list exclusions, they also detail the benefits of the policy that allow travellers to claim for a wide range of incidents – including incidents that you wouldn’t assume you’re covered for.”


Have you ever been surprised by something you’ve been able to claim for on travel insurance?


Written by: Mark Harada
Published: 4 April 2019

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