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9 in 10 Aussies wasting money on holidays: poll

Aussie travellers being hit with unnecessary travel expenses

Despite new technology and products making it easier than ever to sidestep unnecessary fees and other costs when travelling, it seems the vast majority of Australian travellers are still wasting money on avoidable travel expenses, a new study has found. 



Travel insurer, InsureandGo, presented one thousand Aussies with 15 actions that would incur costs, and asked them if they had carried out any of those actions while on holidays - just one in ten (11%) said they didn’t incur any of the avoidable travel costs. 


According to the survey, half (49%) admitted to withdrawing cash from an oversea ATM, while four in ten (39%) said they exchanged money at an airport, “even though airport money exchange kiosks usually charge foreign transaction fees and mark-up their rates by as much as 8%”. 


One in four (26%) confessed to never using a dedicated travel card, which is able to lock in exchange rates before departure, while a further one in four (24%) said they only booked flights two weeks before travelling, subjecting them to higher costs. 


“We know how much Aussies value a getaway, so it’s important that they do their research and plan before they travel, to ensure they don’t go over budget before they reach their destination,” InsureandGo managing director Raphael Bandeira said. 


“For instance, paying up to $40 a day to reduce the excess on your car insurance is a prime example of an unnecessary cost.” 


What unnecessary costs are catching you out during your travels?



Written by: Mark Harada
Published: 10 December 2018

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