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A holiday without luggage? Here’s how...

If you’re someone who hates packing - and we know there are a lot of you out there - there’s a holiday you can take where you won’t need to pack a thing (beyond your passport, wallet, toiletries and a few other personals). 



Called Locarry, a new Tokyo-based service allows travellers to various countries to forgo the packing process at home and rent what they like when they arrive at their destination from locals. 


Think a sharing economy service, but instead of renting out an apartment, members rent out their clothes and other useful travel items such as cameras, sports equipment and strollers (though hopefully not underwear and toothbrushes). 


There’s no fee for using the sharing platform, while prices are fixed by those renting out the goods. 


Items are leased as individual things or as part of an ensemble or group, like a “Wear Yukata in Kyoto’ set comprising a kimono, geta (traditional slippers) and Japanese fan. 


Other bundles include a Hong Kong baby set (including a stroller, baby shoes and apparel) and ‘Hawaii without luggage’ set, which includes light clothing, sports sandals and ukulele. 


Food, drinks, medicine and animals are among the host of items unavailable for rent.


Written by: Mark Harada
Published: 27 August 2018

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