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A mum’s guide to hiding valuables while travelling

These days our phones are everything. They’re our means of payment, ID, even key to our homes or hotels. So what do you do when you’re at the pool or the beach and you want to go for a dip?



A mum to three girls, TikTok user oxleyfamily3, has the ultimate hack to protect your belongings. Because sometimes the best way to beat thieves is a dirty job. 


The mum posted her trick to TikTok, taking her phone, car key and credit card and folding them into a clean nappy. 


“No one will steal that,” she said.


But what to do if you’re not a parent to a nappy wearing bubba? Next time you’re around a parent of an incontinent mini-person, tell them the hack and ask to have one. You’ll be that weird person unpacking their beach bag. Towel? Check. Sunnies? Check? Sunscreen? Check. Nappy (but no baby)? Check. 


You may get left alone for being strange. 


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Published: 10 August 2022

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