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Are you able to offer your travellers the right hotel choice?

Travellers increasingly expect agents to offer personalised guidance and a unique hotel experience. They want to be treated as individuals and receive recommendations that reflect their own tastes and preferences, as the final choice is so integral to the enjoyment of the whole trip.

Prior to a hotel booking, travellers weigh up a large list of pros and cons about everything, from food and drinks to tours. Knowing as much as possible about a potential customer's preferences means an agent can guide customers through all the relevant options. To meet these expectations, travel agents need a one-stop shop that has rich content to help them to find the right product to recommend.

Our recent webinar shared how Sabre Hotels can help you to book hotels smarter and make the most out of your business. If you missed it, 
click here to listen to the webinar playback. 


Published: 6 June 2017

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