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Adult film plays on bag carousel screens; no one complains

Rude awakening for any tired travellers

Travellers collecting luggage at Lisbon Airport in Portugal were given an eye-opening welcome when an x-rated movie appeared on giant TV screens above baggage carousels.


According to Yahoo News, one passenger filmed what he saw on his mobile phone and uploaded the spectacle online, which also features passengers laughing in the background.


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Fortunately for the airport, no one complained about the footage, which is said to have stayed on screens for several minutes.


“At 3am, on October 19, along one of the luggage mats from Lisbon Airport, a TV was tuned (without sound) to a Portuguese generalist channel (this is not a porn channel), which at the time ran a soft porn movie,” a spokesman for Lisbon Airport said, insisting that the broadcast was not a deliberate act by a disgruntled employee.


"The situation was corrected promptly. There were no complaints.


“We will ensure that these situations are not repeated.”


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Written by: Mark Harada
Published: 23 October 2015

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