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Africa booming across Oz, including NT


Africa is booming everywhere at the moment, even up in the Top End.


Northern Territory agent Jonathan Jones (pictured, with some of Africa’s classic drinks) is just one of the many agents in Australia seeing a big increase in Africa enquiries as the area moves firmly from a fringe to a fundamental destination.


Bench Africa has been sending people to Africa for almost five decade but have almost tripled their staff in the past five years just to meet demand.


“It’s amazing,” says Bench’s Trade Manager Cameron Neill.


“It’s really shifted from an elusive dream to an achievable reality for many people and we have seen the records fall year after year.


“So many agents like Jonathan are discovering how great Africa can be for their business and taking steps to really focus on it for their clients.”


No word yet on whether the drinks made it long beyond the photograph.


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Published: 11 July 2018

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