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Airline founder sues Netflix over show title

Perhaps Virgin would be a better name (or perhaps not)

It’s a good thing The Commodores released their hit song ‘Easy’ in 1977. Or else airline magnate Stelios Haji-Ioannou may have smelt blood. 


The founder of UK low cost carrier, easyJet, Stelios is suing entertainment giant Netflix over the title of its show, ‘Easy’ for copyright infringement. 


Image Netflix


According to Reuters, the 51-year-old claims the show’s name infringes on more than a thousand trademarks for the word registered in Europe. The font of the title, admittedly, looks similar too. 


In a lawsuit filed in a UK court, Stelios aims to ban the show from being aired or promoted under its original name in the EU as well as 10,000 GBP (AU$18,000). 


Other brands registered in the easyGroup include easyHotel, easyBus, easyCar, easyProperty, easyOffice, easyFoodstore, easyCoffee, easyMoney and easyGym.


“We own the European trademark in the word ‘easy’ and another one thousand trademarks with easy as a prefix,” the billionaire said in a statement.


“We can’t allow people to use it now as a brand name, especially when they are doing it mostly with our colors and font.”


Premiering in 2016, Chicago-based ‘Easy’ will screen its third and final season next year. 


So if you plan on starting a company - whether it’s a dog-grooming business or a biscuit franchise, you might want to avoid calling it easy-anything.


What are your thoughts? Do you associate the word ‘easy’ with the airline?   


This one goes out to you Stelios ...



Written by: Mark Harada
Published: 3 October 2018

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