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Aisle vs window? Lost bag or missed flight? Poll reveals all

A new survey has revealed the travel preferences of business travellers and the results are rather surprising. 


Commissioned by corporate travel firm, CWT, the research firstly shows that the majority (60%) of Australian business travellers would rather have their luggage misplaced than miss a flight, which is higher than the global average.



When it comes to seat location, more Aussie road warriors in the survey (55%) said they preferred window seats to aisle seats, proving that views rule over more wriggle room and freedom to move. 


Among travellers from across the globe, that number rises even higher to two in three (66%) travellers. 


On the ground, the study shows that two in three (65%) Australian travellers still prefer taxis to ride-sharing services. 


Interestingly, the study suggests there are strong regional differences when it comes to ride preferences, with seven in ten (69%) Europeans opting for taxis, and the reverse number of Americans choosing rideshare services.


“These findings provide fascinating and sometimes counter-intuitive insights into how global business travelers approach their journeys,” CWT executive VP and chief traveler experience officer Niklas Andreen said. 


Regarding data sharing, the research revealed that the vast majority of travellers (89%), are happy to share their travel preferences with both apps and travel agents, either for business or leisure travel.


The poll collected the opinions of 2700 corporate travellers worldwide, who had travelled for business four or more times over the past year. 


What are your preferences in these areas?


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Written by: Mark Harada
Published: 6 May 2019

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