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All-inclusive holidays banned in overrun resort town

How one resort is dealing with wild tourist behaviour and crime

The resort of Magaluf in Spain has placed a ban on all-inclusive holidays as it attempts to clean up its streets and image.


The resort, located on the Spanish island of Majorca, has long been a favourite among party-seeking Brits, but travel agents have reported a near 50% drop in interest for holidays to the hotspot.


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According to The Daily Star, council chiefs believe booze and debauchery have played a big role in its tarnished image, and at a recent meeting decided that tackling “drunkenness tourism” was the way to win back travellers.


To this end, the city of Calvia has imposed a ban on all-inclusive packages that include free alcohol, including drinks in hotels.


In addition to this, the resort has also struggled to curb muggings of drunken tourists by women acting as prostitutes.


“It’s true that Magaluf attracts opportunist criminals because it is known for its excessive drinkers and vulnerable people,” a bar owner told the Daily Star Sunday.


“There’s obviously going to be a debate over this. To us, excessive drinking doesn’t mean people can’t get drunk and have a good time. But taking steps to stop the all-you-can-drink offers in bars and at the all-inclusive hotels makes sense.”


British travel agent association, ABTA didn’t speak to Magaluf directly, but did write of the importance of all-inclusive vacations to travellers.


“The all-inclusive packages perform particularly well as holidaymakers look to manage their budgets in light of the continuing uncertainty around Brexit and a volatile GBP,” it wrote.


“Almost a quarter of people (23%) are thinking of taking an all-inclusive holiday in 2018, with young families particularly attracted to this type of holiday, 34% of whom expect to take one in 2018.”


What do you think of all-inclusive packages of this nature, and the move to ban them in party towns? Could you see the move being useful elsewhere?


Written by: Mark Harada
Published: 17 June 2018

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