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Always worth spending money on: what Gen Z thinks of travel

Young Aussies already understand the value of hitting the road

They may appear to love their newfangled gadgets, but there’s one thing Generation Z loves splashing out on even more: travel. 


A new study of young Australians has revealed that Gen Z-ers (16-24 years) would rather spend more money on travel than material possessions, with over half (52%) of those polled saying travel was always worth spending money on. 



Conducted by the study polled nearly 22,000 Gen Z-ers from across 29 countries including Australia, on how they spend their money and what they want to get out of their travel experiences. 


In good news for the travel industry, two in three (65%) Gen Z-ers globally said they ranked “travel and seeing the world” as the main priority, while nearly the same number (56%) of Australian Gen Z-ers said the same (though they ranked this on par with owning property). 


When it comes to their travel goals, two in five (39%) Aussie Gen Z travellers said they planned to visit at least three different continents over the next decade, while one in five (21%) intend to study or work abroad. 


In relation to travel experiences, more than half (56%) of the 16 to 24-year-old Australians surveyed said they wanted to experience adventure on their travels, like paragliding or bungee jumping, while half (51%) plan on visiting an “extreme” location. 


That said, it was also found that Gen Z is the generation most likely to enhance their skills whilst travelling, with one in three (33%) hoping to learn something new over the next ten years. 


While two in five (40%) Gen Z-ers said they had already holidayed abroad with their families, two in five (38%) also said they planned to travel on their own at least once. 


According to the study, two thirds (66%) of Gen Z travellers in Australia have already compiled a travel bucket list, but one third (31%) have not, saying they would rather travel impulsively (20%) or change their destination preferences too regularly (22%).


What Gen Z plans to spend their money over the next 5 years

% of global Gen Z  travellers

% of Australian Gen Z travellers

Travelling and seeing the world



Saving for a down payment on a house / property



Investing in higher education / professional training



Saving for retirement



Spending money on eco-friendly products



Saving for wedding/civil partnership



Buying new tech



Buying designer clothes/shoes/accessories




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Written by: Mark Harada
Published: 12 July 2019

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