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American dies while taking selfie in Sydney

A US man was killed at a popular whale-watching point in southern Sydney while taking photos.


Gavin Paul Zimmerman, 19, was apparently trying to take a selfie when he fell 30 metres off a cliff at Cape Solander in Kurnell.


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A Morman missionary, the Utah resident was with a large group of friends when the accident occurred, the ABC reported.


Sutherland Mayor Carmelo Pesce said police had recovered a phone with photographs of the teenager just moments before he fell.


"I've been told that the police have recovered a phone that has photographs on there of the young gentleman taking photos and he was extremely close to the edge of the rock," he said.


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Lifeguards quickly travelled by jet ski to the area, where a young lifeguard dove eight metres to retrieve the man. But Mr Zimmerman was unable to be revived.


“The lifeguard that jumped in, I believe that he is distressed,” Mr Pesce said.


Describing the incident as “extremely sad”, the mayor urged caution for those visting the popular clifftop.


“You're putting your life at risk and why - for a photo? It's not that important.” Just six weeks ago, a 30-something man died in similar circumstances.  


“I really want to find out exactly where…it happened, was there fencing?” Pesce said.


“Was there any signage there? And if we've got to look as a community and as a council and a government to spell it out more, we will spell it out more.”


Written by: Mark Harada
Published: 25 July 2018

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