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And the world's most Instagrammed road trips are...

How many of these trips have you done?

Whether it’s in your own backyard or on the far side of the globe, off-the-beaten-track or on a path well travelled, there’s nothing quite like a road trip. 


Route 66


Fortunately, in Australia, we’re not short of remarkable journeys in any state or territory. 


But where might one find the most popular roads to drive, anywhere in the world, per Instagram posts? 


UK-based recently went about finding the ‘most instagrammed’ journeys in the world by analysing the number of hashtags for each road trip with #name and #name + road trip*. 


According to the research, Route 66 was revealed to be the most instagrammed road trip in the world, with 1,708,620 hashtags. 


Following closely behind the famous US drive was Australia’s own Great Ocean Road, which was the only other road trip to rack up more than 1 million hashtags (1,292,178).


Great Ocean Road


Far behind the leading pair were California’s Pacific Coast Highway (325,917) and Nevada’s Valley of Fire (219,333), making the USA king of the road trips. 


Led by Iceland’s Ring Road, Europe was deemed the continent with the most instagrammable road trips, with seven of the top 15 on the list. 


Interestingly, Norway was the only other nation aside from the US to make it onto the list twice, with Trollstigen and the Atlantic Road.


Are there any amazing trips missing from this list? 


*Data taken from Instagram on 24/02/20 and subject to change.


The Top 15 Road Trips ranked




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Written by: Mark Harada
Published: 4 March 2020

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