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Another tourist dies in pursuit of a selfie

A tourist was trying to take a selfie from popular tourist spot The Gap in Albany, Western Australia when he fell to his death yesterday.


Image supplied to ABC News


The Gap is an impressive rugged granite channel carved by waves crashing against granite coastline.


While a popular spot for tourists, the coast of Albany can be notorious for deadly accidents and near misses. 


A multi-million dollar cantilevered viewing platform was opened at The Gap in 2016 that extends ten metres over the edge to allows tourists to look safely at the waters below. 


However, it is believed the tourist fell from a spot near the viewing platform, which sits 40 metres above the ocean. 


“We always tell people to take precautions when down in this area, it is a dangerous area, but if you take precautions and stay between the bounds then these things don’t happen,” District Superintendent for the Great Southern Dominic Wood told The West Australian.


A friend of the tourist told the ABC that a group of eight people had travelled from Perth to visit the historic port town of Albany.


At the nearby lookout the group split up, some walking around the viewing platform to take photos.


"Actually he was just very careful, just to take a picture and he just slipped down there, on the hill," Sahil Singh said.


Another man, Sahil Khenchi, said they were not fully aware of the dangers.


"We were new here, we don't know about that, they had just gone taking pictures," he said.


The victim has not been formally identified. 


Written by: Gaya Avery
Published: 18 May 2018

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