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At $7k, tourists spend more in Australia than anywhere else

The countries where tourists spend the most revealed

If proof were ever needed that Australia was an expensive destination for tourists, this is it. 


Gold Coast


According to a study of World Tourism Organisation (WTO) data by travel site Globehunters, the average visitor to Australia forks out AU$6,987 whilst down under, making Australia the country in which tourists spend the most money. 


Globehunters’ Top Spending Tourists report looked at visitor numbers in several countries, as well as how much was spent on tourism and the average spend per tourist in each nation. 


After Australia, the next most cash-zapping country is the tiny European state of Luxembourg ($6,380), followed by Lebanon ($6,051) in the Middle East, and Pacific neighbours, New Zealand ($6,051). 


Whilst only an estimate that doesn’t consider how long travellers stay in each country, among other factors, the report is still a pretty good indicator of the relative cost of visiting a destination.


For the full list of countries and details on tourist spending, click here.


Top 10 countries where tourists spend the most (per tourist):

  1. Australia - $6987
  2. Luxembourg - $6380.26
  3. Lebanon - $6050.81
  4. New Zealand - $4270.31
  5. USA - $4043.47
  6. Qatar- $3908.45
  7. Panama - $3566.39
  8. Macau - $3044.31
  9. Sweden - $3040.71
  10. 10. Maldives - $2912.89


Which places do you consider to be especially expensive, or where you’ve spent the most?


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Written by: Mark Harada
Published: 27 September 2019

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