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Aussie capital dubbed best place in the world for…

Canberra. We might make fun of its near endless roundabouts or buzzing nightlife, but we cannot argue this win. 



It turns out our country’s capital is the best city in the world for … sleep. 


Yep. Sleep. 


Could it be the weather? The life of a public servant? Or could those very roundabouts of which we make fun have some sort of hypnotic effect on Canberrans?


According, to research based on factors like the level of light pollution, the air quality, and the mental health of the population, Canberra has a sleep score 80.82 out of a hundred. 


Vienna came second, thanks to its low noise levels, while Luxembourg City, with just 7.6% of its residents working more than 48 hours per week, came third.


Jerusalem, has the ideal climate for sleep, with the closest temperature to the ideal (19.2°C compared with 18.3°C) and the lowest humidity. It came fourth.


And surprisingly, Tokyo, a city of neon and noise, came fifth


While our capital came first, the US capital Washington DC came last.


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Published: 20 January 2022

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