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Aussie family finds fortune in jewellery on Canadian holiday

The board game that actually paid out ... big time

In a scene that wouldn’t be out of place in a Hollywood film (or its Canadian equivalent), an Australian family holidaying on Canada’s Prince Edward Island stumbled across a small fortune in jewellery while playing a board game. 


Chris Lightfoot, a 28-year-old Sydneysider living in Toronto, had travelled with his visiting parents and girlfriend up to PEI for the Labour Day weekend “to show them around, see a bit of the country we haven’t seen”, The National Post reported. 



One night, they went to thrift store, Value Village, in Charlottetown to find a board game to liven up their evenings, when they came across a Canadian brain game called MindTrap. 


“The game was worth, like, $2.99,” Lightfoot said.


Later, whilst playing the game in their rented cottage, Lightfoot’s mother struggled to put one of the cards back in the box.


After emptying its contents, they found a piece of cardboard wedged in the bottom, with a little surprise underneath.


“She just pulls out a diamond ring. And we’re like, ‘What?’” Lightfoot explained. 


“She reached back in and pulls out another one. And we’re like, ‘Another one!’ And she just kept pulling out diamond rings. There was, like, seven in there.”


After studying the pieces closely, and finding small engravings on the bands marking the gold as 14 karat, they figured they were legitimate.



The next day, Lightfoot returned to Value Village to say they had found some jewellery, leaving his phone number for someone to call. But no one did. 


Afterwards, back in Toronto, the young Aussie took the rings to a jeweller, when he received the biggest shock of all. 


“How much did you pay for this board game?” the jeweller asked him. 


“I don’t know. Three dollars?”


“You’ve got about $17,000 worth of jewellery here.”


Though Lightfoot said he would “try to swap it for a car”, he added, “if someone from P.E.I. saw the story and … it’s their Grandma Harriet’s ring or whatever, you can have it”.


Images Chris Lightfoot


Written by: Mark Harada
Published: 19 November 2018

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