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Aussie travellers are changing their holiday plans because of this

Thanks to current exchange rates, it’s now costing Aussie travellers $700 more for a $10,000 US holiday. So when the dollar’s low, do Aussies still go? 



According to research commissioned by foreign exchange company WorldFirst, nearly half of Aussies have said they would change their overseas travel plans when our dollar is low against the currency of the country to which they were planning on travelling.


Of those that would change their plans, almost a third (29 per cent) told researchers they would delay their trip until the Australian dollar improved.


On the flip side, when exchange rates are in our favour, Aussies are actually more motivated to travel, with 59 per cent willing to consider an overseas trip when our dollar is high against the major currencies. 


“Since the start of the year, the Aussie dollar has fallen nine per cent against the US dollar to lows not seen since the beginning of 2016, costing Aussies $700 more for a $10,000 US holiday,” Patrick Liddy, Head of Foreign Exchange at WorldFirst, said.


“Our dollar is unlikely to make gains against the US dollar anytime soon and could sit between $0.70 and $US0.75 US cents into the New Year. 


“Aussies looking for an overseas getaway should consider travelling to destinations such as the UK, Europe and Turkey, where our dollar is up against the local currencies.”


Written by: Gaya Avery
Published: 5 December 2018

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