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Aussie travellers’ biggest booking blunders REVEALED

And tips to avoiding them...

New research has revealed that Australians aren’t as confident booking travel online as you’d think they might be.


Released by comparison site Skyscanner, the data shows that a whopping seven in ten (70%) Aussie travellers worry about making a mistake during the booking process, with two in five (40%) of those confessing to actually making an error when booking their holiday.



This is despite the fact that more than one in three (34%) online bookers will spend over 15 minutes double-checking their details before pressing the “confirm” button.


It’s little wonder then that in an average month, more than 3,000 search engine queries are made to change aspects of bookings, including “how to change airline tickets without a fee” and “change name on flight ticket”.


The most common booking blunders made by Aussies are:     

1. Booking for the wrong flight date or time - 55%

2. Entering the wrong passenger details - 18%

3. Booking without check-in baggage allowance - 12%

4. Booked a flight to the wrong airport/destination - 9%


Concerns aren't just limited to air travel though, with more than half (54%) of those polled admitting to worrying about booking the wrong dates at hotels.


To help Aussies avoid making these mistakes, which can cost travellers anything between $50 for a flight booking amendment to the cost of an entire airfare or hotel stay, Skyscanner has these tips:


- Triple-check your itinerary and even get someone else to review your details

- Be careful around auto-fill functions

- Follow the name on your passport, including middle names

- Check baggage allowances prior to booking

- Check the correct airport codes and not destination names

- Ensure check-in/out dates for accommodation bookings match arrival/departure dates for flights


“We’ve all felt it before – that sudden pang of anxiety just before confirming all the details of a travel booking,” Skyscanner Travel Expert Michael Grierson said.


“It’s only natural as a holiday is often one of the biggest items we’ll purchase in the year, and a simple slip-up can put a downer on the experience or mean occurring additional costs that we didn’t plan for.”


Written by: Mark Harada
Published: 22 June 2018

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