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Aussies are now doing their grocery shopping overseas

Remember when Cyclone Yassi destroyed northern Queensland’s banana plantations? I was at a conference in Thailand and my fellow Aussies and I went nuts on the bananas. We joked about smuggling them back into the country.


Now, Aussies are beating off those inflation blues by bringing back grocery items bought on the cheap while on their holidays. 



On her return from a recent trip to Bali, Sam filled her suitcase with pantry essentials, cleaning products, stationery and snacks, Yahoo News reported. 


None of the products Sam brought back broke our strict customs and while we water down our shampoo, Sam’s living it up with the stuff she bought on her holiday. 


AND now, she gets reminded of her trip when she tucks into her pineapple jam or coconut bickies. 


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Published: 26 August 2022

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