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Aussies biggest travel spenders: survey

It’s no wonder Australian travellers are in such high demand

A new study has revealed that Australians splash out more on their holidays than any other nationality. 


Analyzing the travel habits and preferences of Australian holidaymakers, the study found that Aussies fork out on average $2,173 per vacation (excluding flights), significantly more than the next biggest spenders from Hong Kong, Finland and UAE, and around double the spend of travellers from UK, Switzerland and Germany. 



Conducted by global shopping platform, the survey also showed that Australians prefer longer getaways, with 35% of those polled saying they spent two weeks or more on holidays, compared to the 24% who said they holidayed for less than a week. 


According to the study, we like to get away more frequently too, with 53% of respondents claiming to travel (for leisure) twice a year or more, and only 41% managing to do so just once a year. 


When it comes to our favourite time to travel, the survey found that while 47% of Aussies still choose to holiday during the high season, a large number of us are choosing to travel during the shoulder (29%) and low seasons (24%). 


The majority of those polled said they travelled with their family (47%) or partner (29%), while many go with friends (19%) and only a few (5%) alone. 


Regarding destinations, three in ten (59%) Aussies said they holidayed abroad, with the top spots being New Zealand, Indonesia, US, US and Thailand. 


Proving we have a sense of adventure, the vast majority (82%) of the Australians surveyed said they would rather explore new places than go back to the locales they already know. 


The study took into account the opinions of over 20,000 travellers from 39 countries.


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Written by: Mark Harada
Published: 17 June 2019

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