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Aussies miss pets more than kids on holidays

Pets are better than people, or at least that’s what a lot of Aussies seem to think given their behaviour while on holiday. 


According to research by house and pet sitting service TrustedHousesitters, nearly one in five parents (18%) admitted they miss their “fur babies” more than their own children when they go away on holiday.



Some Australians (almost one in 10) are so upset by being separated from their pets while on holiday that they have cried, while a third of pet owners spend a good part of their holiday scrolling through photos and videos of their pets.


There are even some (one in 10) who video-call their pets to ease any separation anxiety.



But at least these folk are still going away. Some will simply choose to stay home with their pets rather than attending weddings or going out on dates. 


To ease the guilt of travelling without their pets, 26% of holidaying pet owners bring back souvenirs for the pets. Because of course.

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Published: 18 April 2019

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