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Aussies prefer to save on hotels, not experiences

Holidays don’t come cheap, so it’s understandable that Aussies look to save where they can. But what are they willing to sacrifice?

Flights, accommodation, food, experiences. When it comes to travel, it all adds up. So where do you cut the costs? 


According to a recent survey from, accommodation is where Aussies look to save money on their holiday (38%), followed by shopping at their new destination (37%) and plane tickets (36%). 


Meanwhile, only a quarter of respondents will look for a cheaper alternative when it comes to going out (26%) or sightseeing (22%). 


However, when Aussies are travelling, close to two-thirds are willing to spend extra on eating out, compared to when they are back home.


There’s little doubt that travel is important to Australians with the survey showing one in three Aussies (33%) prefer to spend on travel, over all other pursuits including dining out (23%) and shopping (12%), meaning that travel has now become an important part of lifestyle.


Written by: Traveltalk
Published: 14 May 2018

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