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Aussies world’s second most adventurous

What thrill-seeking experiences do Australians seek out more than any other nationality?

You would’ve heard it said many times over, that Australian travellers are an adventurous bunch. But now there’s firm evidence to back the claims, with a new study finding Aussies to be the second most adventurous people on the planet.


Undertaken by motorhome rental platform SHAREaCAMPER, the 2017 Global Adventure Ranking study assessed the online popularity of eight of the most popular adventure activities such as skydiving, surfing, hiking and even caravanning, across 40 countries.



Based on the search volume of keywords on Google over the past year, countries were ranked according to the number of searches per 100,000 citizens, and then the total number of searches.


Australia was sandwiched between The Netherlands (the most adventurous country) and Sweden (the third most adventurous) in the list. With the exception of the US (ninth spot), the rest of the top ten was dominated by Europe, specifically Germany, France, Denmark, Norway, UK, and Austria.


Underlining its appetite for adventure, Australia finished in fourth spot on the list for total number of searches, despite its relatively small population. The USA, Germany and France topped this ranking.


As for which activities Aussies most fancied, rock climbing, skydiving and surfing were impressively all found to be more popular per capita down under than in any other country. But Australia also showed a predilection for caravanning (2nd, per 100,000 citizens), bungee jumping (3rd) and hiking (7th).  


Ranking for Australia (per 100k, total): BMX (18th, 13th), bungee jumping (3rd, 9th), caravanning (2nd, 4th), hiking (7th, 5th), rock climbing (1st, 4th), skiing (19th, 17th), skydiving (1st, 7th), surfing (1st, 3rd).


“Although we are based in Germany, Australia and New Zealand, knowing where to find adventurous people across the world is interesting for ourselves and any other business that thrives on adventure,” SHAREaCAMPER CEO Florian Dahlmann said. 


The full list of results can be viewed at


Written by: Mark Harada
Published: 24 April 2017

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