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Aust. travel co. creates anti-mobile phone policy

FOMO leading to AMO, says operator

Travel is supposed to open our eyes to the world. Instead, sadly, many of us are spending too much time with our eyes glued to our phones and other devices. 


With this in mind, one travel company has created a policy that strongly discourages the use of mobile phones when travelling. 


Specializing in youth travel, where much of the digital distractions are occurring, World Youth Adventures developed the policy ‘to help students, parents, teachers and schools, curb the use of excessive mobile phone use by students on school trips’. 



Key to the code, is the message that FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) on social media and the connected world, is leading to AMO (Actually Missing Out). 


“Most students travelling with World Youth Adventures are travelling to a destination they have not travelled to before and taking part in new and different activities,” said Sue Badyari, CEO of World Expeditions, which operates World Youth Adventures. 


“They are being given an opportunity to make long-lasting friendships with their travel companions, to learn new skills and understand themselves a little better.


“To maximize the benefits, students need to be free to be fully in the moment, engaging in the activities on offer and focusing on the people they are travelling with.” 


“Quite simply, they need to be off their phones.” 


Ms Badyari also said that time offline didn’t just add to a travel experience, but improved overall well-being.   


“We’ve plenty of anecdotal evidence that a whole lot of stress relief is felt by students who have adopted this no phone policy,” she remarked.  


“They are really cherishing the time away, being completely absorbed and in the moment, which makes us very happy as that is precisely what these travel experiences are designed to do.”


Ms Badyari said parents could also do their bit by letting go of the temptation of being in constant communication with their children whilst they are travelling.


What do you think of this policy? How much time do you spend on your phone when traveling?


Written by: Mark Harada
Published: 25 September 2018

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