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Australians considered strange for doing this in public loos

Australian CJ Horton has been living in the US for two years. The States is not wildly different from Australia so all was fine until she had dinner with a group of friends. 


The singer/songwriter took to TikTok to explain.


“I was at dinner with a group and my friend said, ‘I just hurt my ankle flushing the toilet’. I laughed and said, ‘how on earth did you do that’.


“She said she flushed the toilet using her foot and always does that in public restrooms.”


So of course Horton asked the rest of her dining companions if they partook in such strange behaviour, News Corp reported.


“They all looked (at me) dead serious and said, ‘I do that … we all do that’,” she explained, noting the group then questioned (in disgust) whether she’d been using her hands.


“They were like, everyone uses their feet (to flush toilets). I started crying this was the weirdest news I had ever heard … then I realised this has to be an American thing, I don’t think Australians do this.”


As many of you may be aware, this is not an Aussie custom. 


Horton has since checked with other Americans and said that almost “every American”. 


So I, of course, checked with friends and family in the States and they confirmed they also use their feet to flush public toilets, but their flush buttons are bigger. 


PSA to Aussies: if you flush a toilet in the USA, chances are the person before you has used their foot to flush. Never skip washing your hands. 


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Published: 16 May 2022

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