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Australia’s deemed one of the worst value-for-money passports

When it comes to cost, Australia’s passport will usually make the podium among the world’s most expensive passports. But when you consider how many countries we can visit visa-free or with a visa on arrival, its value for money drops.



Travel package website ParkSleepFly analysed the best and worst value for money passports from 48 countries across the globe, factoring in the cost and power of the passport.


Of the 48 countries studied, Australia ranks 43rd.


Despite Australia having the equal best mobility score of the bottom 10 at 146 (meaning an Aussie passport holder can travel to 103 countries visa-free and to 53 where a visa is required on arrival) our passport was the third-most expensive out of the 48 countries examined, only finishing behind France and the worst value for money passport, Liechtenstein.


Holders of a United Arab Emirates passport are getting the best value for money, followed by those who hold a Swedish and South Korean passport respectively.


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Published: 27 April 2022

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